Explore Rebornia MMORPG


Unique Gameplay

Turn-based combat, captivating narrative, and strategic depth.

Fantastical Setting

Explore enchanting landscapes and unravel the secrets of Rebornia.



Trade, forge alliances, and triumph in battles together with other players.


Artistic Design

Experience Rebornia's unique low-poly art style, blending creativity with simplicity.


Character Progression

Evolve your skills and customize your character's journey.


Online Adventure

Engage with a growing community and stay updated on social media.


Version 0.1.0 — Rebirth

This update marks the beginning of an exciting journey in the world of Rebornia, offering players a vast array of content, mechanics, and features to explore and enjoy.


  • Added over 200 items, including weapons, equipment, costumes, spell tablets, and resources.
  • Introduced a diverse array of over 50 spells to enhance gameplay.
  • Unveiled a multitude of over 30 unique monsters to encounter and conquer.
  • Implemented 40 harvestable resources for players to gather and utilize.
  • Unlocked 9 professions, offering players various paths for specialization and progression.
  • Introduced 19 items specifically designed to restore important player statistics.

Game Mechanics

  • Enabled login, registration, and character creation for seamless entry into the game world.
  • Introduced harvesting, profession progression, and crafting.
  • Implemented pair crafting, allowing players to collaborate in crafting items to overcome level requirements.
  • Enabled combat mechanics, including initiating battles, looting items and currency from defeated monsters, and casting spells, buffs, curses, poisons, and heals.
  • Introduced 3 different AoE (Area of Effect) types and in-battle displacements such as pushing, pulling, and teleportation.
  • Implemented monster AI to challenge players in battles, alongside the ability to summon creatures.
  • Enabled item and costume equipping for character customization and combat effectiveness.
  • Introduced a battle list feature to monitor ongoing battles and manage them efficiently.

User Interface

  • Added settings to customize various aspects of the user interface for personalized gameplay experiences.
  • Implemented hotkeys for quick navigation and interaction within the game interface.
  • Introduced a chat system with multiple channels, including market, direct messaging, party, and general chat.
  • Implemented a "busy" status feature to restrict contact during gameplay.
  • Added a world map feature to visualize important landmarks and explore different dimensions.
  • Enabled spectating in battles for players to observe and learn from ongoing conflicts.
  • Implemented a contacts feature to view online/offline statuses and engage in quick interactions with other players.
  • Introduced party creation functionality for streamlined communication and exclusive battle locking for party members.
  • Enabled trading between players to facilitate resource exchange and collaboration.
  • Added a boutique feature for purchasing unique costume items to enhance character appearance.
  • Included immersive music and sound effects to enrich the gaming experience.